Destiny Guardian Warlock Hunter Titan Custom Busts in Brass, Bronze, Copper, Aluminium or Iron

Destiny Guardian Warlock Hunter Titan Custom Busts in Brass, Bronze, Copper, Aluminium or Iron
FROM £45

We're going to briefly open the order books on these very popular Warlock / Hunter / Titan bust ornaments, as it's nice to make these every now and then.

These are completely customisable, right down to your favourite weapon and armour. You can pick the material (brass, bronze, copper, alumiunium or iron metal render, then handpainted for extra oomph), and the size and base-shape you want as well.

If you're interested in ordering, please contact us with the following:
  • Guardian Type
  • Guardian Helmet
  • Guardian Gloves
  • Guardian Armour
  • Your Favourite Weapon
  • Preferred Material (brass, bronze, copper, aluminium or iron)
  • Base Shape
  • Dimensions (max height, width or depth).
We can then give you a quote, and adjust things if necessary. All confirmed orders require a 25% / £25 (which ever sum is greater) non-refundable deposit to cover the very basic costs, the rest is payable once your bust is complete and listed in the little propshop.

Please note that these are totally fan-made and are not in any way, shape or form endorsed by Bungie or Activision.

GoT Catspaw Dagger 3D Printed, Epoxy Resin and EVA Foam Blade

Game of Thrones Catspaw Dagger Blade 3D Print and EVA Foam
From £55

Freshly-made and lovely to hold! This blog entry here is for one fan-made Catspaw Dagger from Game of Thrones, and can be found in our little propshop for £55.

The handle is made from PLA and epoxy resin, and the blade is made from supported EVA foam. It has been hand-painted and hand-finished. It sits at 480mm long with a 240mm blade, and is lovely and lightweight (due to handle being partially hollow and EVA foam being very light).

Ideal for putting on a mantelpiece, or for a Arya Stark (or even Petyr Baelish) cosplay. Unfortunately, not ideal for killing White Walkers due to the foam blade being useless for things like that.

Listing price includes free UK Shipping; please contact us using the contact form if you require worldwide shipping and we'll get you a quote!

Please note that this dagger is completely fan-made out of fan-love, and is not in anyway endorsed by HBO.

SOLD: Bad Juju Exotic Pulse Rifle Display Prop

Bad Juju Destiny Exotic Pulse Rifle 3D PrintSOLD

Did you go through the grind of  Toland's exotic weapon bounty, get yourself a Bad Juju, then shrivel up with disappointment when it was destroyed by the Cabal in D2, never to be seen again? I did. I loved Bad Juju, which is why we made a replica of it.

This Bad Juju won't recharge your super faster, or reload itself on precision shots (probably because it doesn't shoot), but will look rather fabby both on your wall and in your hands. It has been 3D printed, smoothed, then treated with an iron render for a more solid feel, then handpainted and weathered.

This Bad Juju, as lovely as it is, does have a few imperfections; it's a bit smaller than full-size (it's actually about ~650mm long, a wee bit shorter than it should be), and the green decals on the sides have been positioned wrong. This is why you shouldn't perform delicate operations when you're tired, you get it so it looks good to bleary eyes, then, after a good sleep, you notice the wrongs.

Our wee Bad Juju is fan-made by people who loved Bad Juju in game, and is no way endorsed by Bungie or Toland. Check it out at our little propshop if you fancy purchasing -- please note that due to the logistics of getting this sent out, it is available to the UK only.

I would keep it but I have nowhere to put it, and would like it to get some love.

SOLD: Lord of the Rings The One Ring Alexa Dot Holder

Lord of the Rings The One Ring Alexa Dot Holder Sleeve

First thing up for grabs is one of these Lord of the Rings One Ring Alexa Dot sleeves. 3D printed, hand-smoothed and processed, then and liberally covered in gold leaf for a lovely shiny finish.

This item will cost you £15 + £5 for UK postage(£7.50 for worldwide shipping), and is available in our eBay shop (UK customers only). Alternatively, you can contact us using the contact form, and we'll pop you over a Paypal invoice.

Got access to a 3D printer? We've put the .stl up for non-commercial use over yonder at the Thingiverse.

SOLD: Nazgul Witch King of Angmar Figurine in Blackened Bronze

Witch King of Angmar 3D Printed Model in Blackened Bronze

Fresh from the 3D printer and hand-painting fairies of the Shires, we have this here Nazgul Witch King of Angmar.

Lovingly modelled in clay, 3D scanned, then prettied up in Sculptris and Meshmixer, the Witch King has been finished in an iron render for a smooooth feel, and painted over with a very pleasant blackened bronze affair.

This model stands at 200mm tall, and is in our little propshop for £65 (including UK postage). If you live overseas, then never fear, we can get this to you, simply contact us for a shipping quote and we'll sort you out.

If you have printer and like really fiddly support removal, the .stl for our Witch King is available up on the Thingiverse for non-commercial use.

SOLD: Skyrim Vokun Dragon Priest Mask in Aluminium 3D Print

Skyrim Vokun Dragon Priest Mask in Aluminium 3D Print

Today's offering is this shiny Vokun Dragon Priest mask, just in case you needed something to make your alteration, illusion and conjuration costs more economical. This mask has been 3D printed, rendered in aluminium and hand-polished for a weathered, but shiny look.

It was originally made for display purposes, but can be made wearable with a couple of small modifications, should you fancy doing the Dragon Priest thing IRL.

You can find this mask in our little propshop for the grand sum of £50 including UK shipping. As ever, please contact us if you'd like international shipping and we'll pop you over a quote quick sharpish.

This mask is fan-made and is no way endorsed by Bethesda. The .stl for this file was made by FusedCreations and can be found on the Thingiverse.

SOLD: Mehrune's Razor Dagger - 3D Printed and EVA Foam

Skyrim Mehrune's Razor Dagger 3D Printed and EVA Foam

This listing is for a small display Mehrune's Razor dagger from Skyrim. And by small, we mean good for tiny little hands or display purposes. Although the blade is 190mm long, the handle is a wee bit little, measuring in at 95mm in total. Basically, something went wrong with the maths when we drew up the original template.

The dagger itself looks awesome, though, it has a 3D printed iron-rendered handle, and an EVA foam blade. It's been hand-finished and hand-painted, though it does show a bit of 'wear' (that's Daedric artifacts for you). There's a slight bit of wonk in the definition of the top of blade, but it's still sexy enough to put on the mantelpiece.

Due to the size and the slight wonk, the price is nice on this one at £25 + £5 UK postage (please contact us for a quote for international shipping), so please drop us a line if this dagger floats your boat.